12 Weeks!!

Today I hit the 12 week mark! So far this pregnancy has been light years easier than Cadence's was, and seems to be going pretty quickly. I haven't been sick, but I've already "popped" and am starting to look pregnant. None of my clothes fit me, but thankfully there's a girl at work the same size as me, and she sent me a huge box of clothes. I have my next appointment next Thursday (13 weeks) and I'm hoping they can hear a heartbeat with the doppler then.

Cadence is still just as excited as ever, and I think this whole "big sister" thing has helped with her attitude. I had a wonderful talk with one of her teachers yesterday, and we both agree that she's a totally different child now than she was at Christmas. I don't know if it's us and the teachers being united, the baby coming, or if she would have outgrown some of this on her own anyway, but no matter what caused it, I'm grateful. She's been so much fun to be around recently, and has transformed into this sweet, polite, energetic little girl. It's amazing to watch.

I've been feeling fine, even if I am exhausted all the time. I've also had some pulling/cramping, but I'm 99.9% sure it's because I'm actually showing at 12 weeks! I hope the rest of the pregnancy continues this way, and can't wait until my appointment next week.

And, my first belly shot. I took it with photo booth on my computer, so ignore the fact that I'm headless. ;)
Belly shot


Kahla said...

Yeah for 12 weeks and all that other good stuff!!!!! :o)

robin said...

Crossing fingers so you can hear the heartbeat (we couldn't hear my last kiddo's until the appt. after that one, 16? weeks.) That is a really cute baby bump!!