Wow. Over a month since I last posted! This last month has been insane, but I'm back - at least briefly! The last two weeks have been the biggest party extravaganza ever at our house, and it started on Oct. 28 with Amelia turning one. ONE!!! How in the world is that possible? Her birthday was on a Friday, and it was also the Friday before Halloween. We sent cupcakes to the babysitter's for the Halloween party and a special one for MillieBug, then had cake at the house that night and gave her a few little presents.
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Monday night was Halloween, and I took a very pretty peacock and a very active ladybug around the neighborhood. Amelia figured out by house two what they were putting in that bucket, and after that, she was all for this trick-or-treating thing! We spent the majority of the trip with her sucking on a dum dum sucker, and she had a blast handing out candy to people that came by the house that night. Cadence went around with us, then went to a neighborhood that was close with a friend of hers. We have more candy than we'll ever be able to eat, but I think both girls had a blast.

On Wednesday (November 2) it was Cadence's 7th birthday! It's so hard for me to believe that it's been 7 years already. She got her first American Girl doll for her birthday, and we let her open it that morning before school. She knew she was getting a present, so she was awake at 12:30 am, 2:30 am, and 3:00 am asking if it was time to open her present yet, and at that point I told her that if she asked again, she wasn't opening it until after school. At 5:30 when Mike got up, he said she was in the living room watching cartoons, so we're not sure how much she actually slept. She adored her gift, and has named her doll Emily. Emily has gone to school with her every day so far, has been dressed for bed then redressed for school each day, and is by her side 24/7. Cadence took cupcakes to school and to the sitter's with her that day, but that night we all ended up going to bed early after our birthday dinner of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. :)

This past Saturday was "the Big Day" - they had their birthday party. We had it at a local park, and it was Mardi Gras/Princess and the Frog themed. We had masks, beads and crowns for everyone, Tiana cups with beads, coins and mardi gras rubber ducks in them, and pretty cupcakes that were in purple, green and yellow flower papers. We also had a king cake shipped in, and I made red beans and rice and gumbo. We had a really good turn out, and the girls got more stuff than we could ever possibly play with. Amelia has loved having all the new interactive toys, and is especially loving the ones that give her the opportunity to either push buttons or take things in and out. Cadence was thrilled with pretty much everything, and received tons of books, craft stuff, and of course, jewelry and play makeup. (see next post for pictures. There are a lot! :) )

Overall it was fun, but I'm SO glad it's all over! Well, until Christmas! :)

Things I'm thankful for:
1) My awesome family. Without them, the party could have never happened.
2) Birthdays
3) Happy girls
4) Cake!
5) It's after Saturday, which means it's all over!!

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