Just a quick rundown

I think Kahla had a post like this titled "Friday Night Leftovers" or something similar, and I think that would be fitting. Lots of things going on, but nothing that seems big enough to deserve it's own post. So here they are:

  • She's doing SO well in school, and I found out today that the placement test for the reading class she's in was at a 3rd grade level. And the AR books they are sending home with her and 3rd grade! I'm so very very proud of her!
  • I'm ordering her birthday present next week - an American Girl doll. She thinks it's going to be for Christmas, but will hopefully be so excited when she gets it early.
  • She has started Girl Scouts, and has Upward Basketball evaluations next Tuesday. Things are about to get so busy.
  • She's been invited to her first sleepover. We haven't set a date, yet, but it's with a girl that is in her class this year, and also in Girl Scouts. Her mom seems nice, and they live close. This should be interesting...

  • She's walking EVERY WHERE!! She's now walking more than crawling, and I just can't believe it.
  • She's also starting to sing to us. No real words in her songs, but you can definitely tell it's a tune. It's so very cute.
  • She's 11 months old now. How did that happen? She can't be that old yet!

  • He's going Saturday to pick up another Jeep. This one is a 1969 CJ6. That doesn't run. And is in the middle of a restoration. And is 2 hours away. Yay.
  • Thankfully, though, the Cherokee (that he traded the Wrangler in for) is paid off. So at the moment, we don't have any car payments, and his job covers our bills. Not much else. But the bills are covered.
  • Still likes his job ok, but I don't think he'd be upset if he got transferred to a different department.

  • My job is driving me insane.  People are stupid. It's just... crazy. 
  • I have a few freelance things going on, so hoping those will continue for awhile and pan out. They are a nice, welcome break from the craziness at work.
  • Sarah and I did our first mud run last weekend, and finished in under 48 minutes - that's times good enough for Disney! We have another 5K (sans obstacles) next Saturday in Brookhaven. It's for breast cancer research, and we're calling ourselves The Boobsie Twins. I can't wait!
  • I'm planning a birthday party. It's going to be huge, but I hope the girls (Cadence especially) have fun. It will be Nov 5, and will be a Mardi Gras/Princess and the Frog party. I think I'm more excited than Cadence is!

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