Long time no see! (continued...)


I just got some really awful news. My grandfather in TX just passed away. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday, but I don't know that any of us thought it was as bad as it was. By today he was doing worse, but the news would be bad, then good, then bad again. The last text I got was that they were starting dialysis, then that he coded. It was definitely a shock, and not the texts I was expecting to get.

The girls and I will be leaving in the morning, heading to TX, and Sarah will go with us. Mike more than likely won't be able to come because of short notice and work, but I'm glad I won't be making the trip alone. I'm very glad to get to see family, but not excited about the circumstances.

Wow. I'm just shocked at the moment. Within the last year I've gone from having 3 grandfathers to none. Wow.

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