Tutu Mania!

So, Cadence informed me over the weekend that she wants to be a peacock for Halloween. Really? A peacock?? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a peacock costume that isn't A) for a baby, B) for a hooker or C) outrageously expensive? I had been wanting to find something where the two of them would match (I was thinking Rainbow Brite and a Sprite or maybe both be princesses), but Cadence wouldn't let the peacock idea drop. I spent all day Saturday searching online, and finally found a lady that could make tutu dresses for the girls for Halloween and tutus for them for their birthday party, and not charge me an arm and a leg. Cadence is getting a tutu dress with green, blue and purple and the pretty peacock mask we saw at Cracker Barrel (which is what started all of this), and Amelia will be getting a red tutu dress with black spots, and some cutesie ladybug wings and antennas. For their birthday, they are both getting purple, green and yellow tutus for their Mardi Gras party. I'm so excited for them to come in, and can't wait to see Amelia in that cutesie dress!

We also have the party planned! One of the local parks is renovating at the moment, and it's going to be absolutely amazing when it's finished. They are planning to have it open the first week in October, and we have the party planned for the first week in November, so it should give them plenty of time to actually get up and running. I called today, and we are now on the list to have the party from 2-4pm on Saturday, November 5. I'm so excited, and when I told Cadence, she informed me that I was "the Best. Mommy. EVER!!!!!" I'm glad she's happy!

I don't have plans for Amelia's gift for her birthday, but we have Cadence's picked out. She has been asking repeatedly for an American Girl doll, and we're finally going to give in. She loves Julie, but really wants the new My American Girl one that has short brown hair and brown eyes. That will be her birthday gift, but we'll get her other "stuff" (she's asking for Julie stuff) for Christmas. She's going to love it! For Amelia, it will probably be things like paper bags and boxes. She'll be one. She'll love it!

Things I'm thankful for:
1) My two girly girls
2) Fall. I adore fall.
3) The craziness of this season.
4) Cooler weather
5) Football season and holidays

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