Shopping and Progress Reports

I did some shopping today, and have a very nice start on Christmas and Birthdays. The majority is from the Missions Garage Sale that the church holds every year. I work in a very nice, upscale area of town, and there is always some crazy nice stuff. This year I came away with:
For Cadence-
For Amelia -
For me -
  • Two Michael Crichton books - State of Fear and Prey
  • The prettiest teal pyrex baking dish. I LOVE this dish. The color is beautiful, and I'm pretty sure it was someone's grandmother's. I love, love, love it.
  • Some ribbon headbands (those are mostly for Sarah, though.)

For Mike -
  • I found the most awesome LSU camping chair, and it was marked $2. I made the mistake of not opening it, and it was broken. :( I'm not sure if I can fix it or not, and I half-jokingly commented that I'm sure all the Ole Miss fans at work did something to it! ;)
The best part? All of it was only $22.50!! This is why I love the Missions Garage Sale every year! I also bought a few other things for Christmas/Birthday. Amelia got a see-n-say junior, and Cadence got a Girl Scout charm, some Daisy Girl Scout socks, and a princess glitter fashion set (her daddy will kill me for that!)

We also got progress reports today, and Cadence had all 100's! Not even 90-somethings - all 100's! I'm so extremely proud of her, and she's doing so so well in school!

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