Just to clear things up...

I am a graphic designer
  • All of the handouts, billboard, flyers, product packaging, magazines, banners, and newspapers you see? Me, or someone like me, had a very important role in that getting produced.
  • My job is more that just "making things pretty."
  • I have 4+ years of higher education, and two degrees. I didn't just wake up one day and decide I wanted to do this. I actually did go to school for it and had to take classes to learn how to do my job correctly.
  • I AM a professional. So when you see something I've created for you and comment "That looks so professional!!" it's insulting. Very insulting.
  • On that note, when you tell me that I need to just run to a chain store and buy pre-printed and pre-designed papers to use instead of doing what you've hired me to do, that's also very insulting.
  • If you want something designed, and change your mind 45 million times, and I keep having to redo it for you, don't get mad at me when we're stressing about making the deadline or have passed the intended deadline. I can't snap my fingers and make the work be completed. It actually does take a little time.
  • I have close to $1500 worth of programs on my computer that were made to do graphic design work. These are wonderful programs, but are expensive and took years for me to learn to use.
  • I don't use Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint unless it's for a simple letter, spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation. And most of the time, I have an Adobe program that will do any of those tasks faster and more accurately. So PLEASE don't come ask me to design something for you in Powerpoint or Word. I will laugh at you.
  • And on that note, if you bring me something you designed yourself in Word, chances are I'm going to have to redo it in the programs I use to make it print correctly. It's nothing personal if I do, I just want to make sure it "looks professional."
  • I mainly deal with designing print pieces. I don't know much about websites (even though there are lots of us that do), and please don't ask me to do any marketing or copy editing. I CAN, but I can't promise it will be great.
In short, I am a professional, I DID have to go to school to do this, and it's more than pushing a few keys on the computer. I love what I do, and I think I'm pretty dang good at it. But the people that act like my job is completely unimportant really really bug me. Please, just have a little respect. You hired me for a reason. Let me do what I do best.


Nadine said...

I think that there are many of us who also feel the same way about our professions. (I've seen similar blog posts from interior designers and colour consultants to name just 2) My husband used to get a bit 'catty' about people calling him a 'cook'. He'd done the hard yards to become a qualified chef. I think maybe his confidence in his abilities is one of the reasons that it doesn't concern him anymore..... ?? Whatever the reason, he's better for it. Similar for me when I was in fashion. I'd get comments on how I just stand around all day and listen to music and ask 'are you right?' to every second customer. I'd get a little niggling and want to let them know the reality but instead I'd take a deep breath and say something along the lines of 'Yeh, something like that.'. Find a way to shrug it off. If it's any consolation: I envy you for having the opportunity to do what you love. I am in awe of graphic designers. Next time someone unintentionally insults you with lines like: 'that looks so professional.' laugh it off and respond with, 'that's because I AM a professional, thanks.' :)

Kahla said...

I think you need to email me and tell me what's going on!!! I'll put the smack-down on someone for you if you need me to! Love ya!

Myrannda said...

Nadine, thank you. Most of the time I do shrug it off, but last week when the lead pastor at the rather large church I work at told me to go to (local Christian bookstore) and buy pre-printed bulletin shells for Christmas Day, it was just a little much. Most of the time I laugh about it, but sometimes it just gets a little frustrating!

And Kahla, email is coming. :)

robin said...

That does sound very frustrating!! It'd be nice if those kind of situations never happen again!

Even though you were venting, I found your post to be really very interesting...I had no idea what you did (or what you did to become one.) I missed the creativity gene, lol!