Well that's not what I expected

I went in for my yearly check up yesterday, and found out that not only am I pregnant, I'm 14 weeks pregnant!

A pregnancy test was done as part of the normal procedure, and the nurse came back telling me that I was, indeed, knocked up. I didn't believe her, she insisted, then felt of my stomach and said since she really couldn't feel my uterus, I probably wasn't that far along. She said she'd do my physical first, then we'd do a vaginal ultrasound to see if we could find a heartbeat and see how far along I was. Well, when she did the ultrasound, this is what we saw:

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Not a blob, not a little butterbean baby, a real live actual baby! With fingers and toes and everything! The nurse and I both just stared at the screen, and I think she was as shocked as I was. My official due date is June 8, and I go back on Dec 20 (about a week and a half) for my first actual OB appoint.

Wow. Another baby!

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