Book 2/24 - Angelfall by Susan Ee

2) Angelfall by Susan Ee
PhotobucketI have to say, I really really liked it. It's classified as YA Fiction, and it was a really easy read. I tend to like things that deal with the supernatural - angels, demons, etc - so an entire book based on angels coming down to earth was great. I loved the relationship that Penryn and the Angel had, and wasn't sure whether to love or hate the mom. The only part that really got to me were the ones with her little sister. Paige is 7 (the same age as Cadence), and some of the parts with her just broke my heart, because I kept thinking of Cadence. Overall, the book was excellent.

This is the first in a series, and #2 hasn't been published yet, but I will definitely be getting it when it is. This one was only 99¢ on the Kindle, and well worth it.

I gave this one 4 books.

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