Really Serious

Wow. 2 weeks since I've posted anything - I'm so sorry to those of you that actually check here, and will try to step it up some!

Let's see - in the last two weeks, quite a few things have happened:
• I attempted to go to the dentist - just Wee One and me. Didn't go over well, and I learned to NEVER go to the dentist with a 2 year old without someone else there to watch her while they scrape your teeth. It wasn't a pretty picture.
• Dealt with Wee One getting sick and running 104 temp. Turns out it was a sinus infection (which I was pretty sure of anyway), and she's back at the baby sitters today.
• I had to put out fires on the message board that I "run." Nothing major, just some crazy things that lead to people getting upset about what was going on, and hopefully it's over now.
On a side note, I hate saying I "run" the board. It's technically mine - as in, my name is on the paperwork, and my bank account is attached to it - but it's not MY board. I have admin duties, but I don't feel like it's just mine - there are 140 women on there - it's their board, not mine.
• Found out that we'll be going to Disney World in Sept, and made the mistake of telling Wee One about it. Now all I hear is her asking if we're going to go eat with Cinna-elwa, Innie-A-Pooh, JoJo, Mickey Mouse and Sweeping Booty. Yes, honey, we will. But not for 5 more months!
• And have been dealing with lots of little crap - getting ready for my cousin's wedding, getting a portfolio online and trying to get freelance work (www.mldesigns.carbonmade.com), cleaning house so that my grandparents could watch Wee One while she was sick, etc.

However, the funniest thing started just a day or two ago. Wee One has watched way too much JoJo's Circus - specifically the episode where JoJo wants to be like her favorite super hero, Super Duper Girl. To look like Super Duper Girl, JoJo stands up straight, puts her hands on her hips and looks "Really Serious." My daughter has now perfected that look, and it has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen. And she's started using it if she gets in trouble. She's less than 3 feet tall, is on the smaller size for her age, but I swear, if looks could kill...

I haven't been able to get the really good look on film yet (furrowed eyebrows, puckered lips, etc), but this is close enough:

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sarahandscottsmommy said...

You're right, Wee One has the most 'serious' Super Duper face I have ever seen!!!