What a sucky day...

Today was just a crappy, sucky day. The message board I run has had a minor "event" that I spent most of the day working on, I found out I had to pay a ticket *today* or the price on it was going to jump up, then if it wasn't paid by the 15th there would be a $100 contempt of court charge, then if not paid by the 30th they'll suspend my license. Then I still have this stupid earache, and a package that I was told was sent out Sat *still* isn't here! It's from my Secret Sister, and it's for Easter, and I won't be here on Saturday if it happens to show up that day! I'm just cranky, and tired, and not really wanting (but kinda wanting) to send Wee One to my mom's for the night. I just feel like whining I guess.

Today Wee One did get to have her first party at the babysitters. She missed the one at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day because she was sick each time. But today they had an Easter party and she was well! They said she had a blast hunting eggs, and we did it again after she got home. She was so cute walking around with her little basket and trying to find all those eggs. Sunday is going to be so much fun!

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