Seems I might officially be a full-fledged freelancer! I’ve done a few little things here or there for people, and never really charged much, if anything. However, since Thanksgiving, ML Designs has seen quite a jump in orders. One friend of mine that lives in OK has sent me multiple jobs - both for the company she works for and for herself - and another friend from CT has sent me jobs that her company (a graphics design place) didn’t have time to finish, or just flat out didn’t want to tackle. Then there’s the ad and flyer I did for a friend in TX, invitations for a cousin’s wedding (however, those were her gift from Hubby and I), and I’m now scheduled to do wedding invitations for a guy I graduated high school with, and also the photographs for their wedding. I’m not quite sure what to think of all this. On one hand I’m VERY excited because I love doing this stuff much more than the newspaper design work.On the other, though, I’m scared to death about what’s going to happen when tax time comes around next year. Heck, I don’t even have a separate bank account set up for the business yet, because up until Thanksgiving I had never made enough to worry about it! It’s quickly becoming a real life “jump in head first and either sink or swim” situation.

Then, on top of all of this, the newspaper, having a 2 yr old and being a good wife, there is my dream. I so want to start my own business. Not ML Designs - that’s been in operation for awhile, just not full fledged. No, I want to go in with a friend and start a company called Design Placement. It wouldn’t take much to get us up and running - between $5,000 and $10,000. And I *know* it would work, and would be a success. I just know it. And the more my friend Anj and I talk about it, the more we’ve decided that we’ll actually have a variety of companies. We need one “Mother Company” name (we’re still clueless as to what that would be), but housed under that would be Design Placement (the bread winner), ML Designs (my freelance graphics stuff that I love doing) and then her photography studio. With us running all three companies, I’m pretty sure we’d be unstoppable. Now to just get the money to get it started, and my bills paid off so I can work on getting it flourishing...

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