Just a fun happy and Bunko gifts

On one of the boards I visit they are doing a "Cheer Up RFO" (RFO stands for Random Flat Object.) You get a 6x9 envelope and you aren't supposed to spend more than about $10 on random little happy things. I received mine from my "RFO Buddy" last week, and it was awesome! She lives in Alaska and sent me a really pretty bookmark, a cutter for scrapbooking, some bathsalts, a cute magnetic note pad with Eskimos on it, some Alaskan wildflowers (one pack is even pink - she said they are for Wee One) and sent her a pack of wildflower stickers. I have all the stuff for my person and plan on mailing it tomorrow. It includes a Hello Kitty coloring/activity pad, a box of crayons (crayola, of course!), a purple crown shaped calculator, some random little popper things, a card with stickers (Princesses and My Little Pony - from Wee One) and some pens and pencils. I hope she enjoys it as much as I'm enjoying mine!

I also had to buy gifts for Bunko since it's at my house this month. I can only take so many plates, candles, vases and decorative items. I always try to get stuff that's fun, but not decorative, and I think these gifts are my favorite so far! Being the true designer that I am, I bought office/school supplies. The gifts are full of metallic paper and binder clips, cute little staplers, funky pens and pencils, and lots of other awesome stuff. I'm excited about Bunko this month, and just know that it means I won't win any of the gifts since I like them so much!

On a side note, I've started decorating my office at work. I don't like the flourescent lights, so it's full of lamps and Christmas lights. I also have all kinds of pictures, and of course purple pens, funky erasers and bright colored push pins. I even found metallic colored staples for my purple stapler! Everyone at work keeps laughing at me, but it's definitely good laughter. I wonder what they're going to say when I walk in with a table for Cadence to keep in there...

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