Preschool, here we come!

I brought home the cutest card for Wee One the other day. It was from the preschool at the church I'm now working at, and was her "invitation" to preschool. They have the classes divided into groups, with names like Brown Bears, Red Birds, and Yellow Ducks (do you see an Eric Carle theme here???) and Wee One is a Goldfish. Her invitation said:

Goldfish, Goldfish
What do you see?
I see Ms. Whittington
Looking for me!

The other side had a die cut of a goldfish with a water background, and Wee One ADORED it. She carried it around all day, and keeps asking if it's time for her to go to school yet. She's also trying to say her teacher's name, but it keeps coming out like Wimbyton. I'm pretty sure the teacher won't mind, though.

She also got her chicken pox vaccine the other day, and it was HI-LARIOUS. She knew that she had to get it to be able to go to school, and went in there fine. Then the nurse stuck her and she screamed OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I DON'T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE!!!! Of course, by the time she finished screaming the needle was out and the band-aid on her arm, but it was SO funny at how dramatic she was being. But then they gave her a sucker and Cinderella sticker, so now all is right again in the world.

Tomorrow morning she gets to meet her teacher and see her classroom, and then school starts on Monday. She's excited now, and I just hope that it continues throughout the year!

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