Cute kid items

I wanted to shamelessly plug two online sellers I know, and brag for a minute on their really cute stuff! One is a friend of mine who owns Sew Pink and Blue, and she makes the cutest little girl and boy outfits, along with a few other kid-related items. The other is my cousin, owner of The Pink Bulldog, which specializes mainly in baby items.

Sew Pink and Blue is owned by a friend of mine, Emily, and she makes everything herself. She started with making clothes for her son and daughter, and it’s expanded to include a few baby items as well as these awesome things called Tot Spots. They are basically these really awesome, machine washable place mats that you can use at home or at restaurants, and have these really cute designs on them. They are non-slip, can be thrown in the washing machine, and are awesome! I’ve done some design work for Emily, and instead of money, asked to be paid in these instead. They are so useful, and so very cute! If you have little ones, go check them out, and take a peek at some of her awesome clothing and other kids items while you’re there! You can also check her out on facebook, here.

The Pink Bulldog is owned by my cousin, Kahla, and she specializes in baby items and girly things like tutus and bows. I can’t wait to go to TX in September to see her, because she’s promised to make the new little one some burp clothes and pacifier clips from some fabric and ribbon I already have. Her stuff is SO cute, and she uses her daughter as the model - so again, absolutely adorable! For girly or baby items, (and a few things for mom as well!) check out The Pink Bulldog on Etsy, or on facebook by clicking here.

Things I'm thankful for:
1) Creative friends and family
2) Cute girly and baby stuff
3) The internet
4) The rain that came in today

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