The “glamorous” side of pregnancy

My poor husband. I might be the one going through the physical changes of pregnancy, but he’s having to put up with quite a lot as well. Not only am I going through the obvious physical changes - clothing doesn’t fit, I have a stomach that can now take out small children if I’m not careful, the waddling is starting -  but there are a ton of not so obvious changes taking place.

First, I can’t sleep. I’m waking every hour and a half or so at night, either to go to the bathroom, to roll over or because I’m hot. We have the air down and a fan on, and I still sleep under nothing but a sheet - with a foot hanging out most of the time - while Mike is beside me under the sheet and the down comforter. If I even THINK of putting that comforter on me, I start sweating. The plus is that we’re not fighting over blankets at the moment. But when I wake, if it’s to go to the bathroom, I have to stretch and get my right hip moving or I’ll fall when I try to stand up. So I spend a few minutes stretching (which really wakes me up, and I’m sure bothers him), then go to the bathroom, then it takes me 15-20 minutes of tossing and turning to get comfortable and finally back asleep. Neither of us are getting much sleep at the moment.

Second, the stupid sinus crud. It won’t. Go. Away! For the last two weeks I’ve lived off of Sudafed and Tylenol Cold and Sinus, and have to get straight in the shower when I get up in the mornings (the steam helps slightly.) Then, once the meds wear off, I’m not much fun at night either. I know he has to be almost as tired of me complaining about the headaches as I am with having them!

Third, the dreams. Oh, the dreams! I’ve woken up a few times because a dream was so vivid that I was crying or angry in it, and it translated to me crying or being angry in real life. Last night there were two that I really remembered. In the first, Sarah wanted me to go on a Disney Cruise with her, because they were having an awesome deal. However, she couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t come up with the money on such short notice, and why there was no way I was going in OCTOBER - when i was due in NOVEMBER. We ended up fighting over it. In the other Aarti, Tom and Herb from The Next Food Network Star had to make dishes based on the names we were considering for the baby, and that challenge was what determined who won. Yeah, after telling Mike about the, I know he thinks I’m crazy.

And the best part? The hormones. Saturday I spent the day rearranging, cleaning and working on the crib, only to discover that I'm missing some bolts and others don't fit. It's really not that big of a deal, and something that is easily fixed by a trip to Ace. I got Mike to look at it when he got home, and when he couldn't fix it, either, I dissolved into tears. The crazy thing is, I KNEW I was being irrational. However, once the tears started, I couldn't stop them, and every time he would try to get me to tell him what was wrong, they started up again. I spent probably close to 20 minutes just crying and crying and crying. He finally looked at me, said "I love you" (in that "you're acting like a total emotional girl right now, but I know you're going to bite my head off if I say anything so I'm keeping my mouth shut" voice), gave me a hug and walked away. Eventually the tears stopped and I felt much better, but I hate just breaking down like that. It's so crazy, for both of us!
I can't wait for this yet-to-be-named little one to arrive, and know things are going to be great when she's here. But why I have to go through this roller coaster to get her here is beyond me!

Things I'm thankful for:
1) The new baby
2) Kicks - even at 3am
3) Baby furniture
4) Dreams - because that means I'm asleep
5) Sudafed

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