A Blast from the Past

My birthday is coming up next week, and Wee One and I were discussing birthday cakes. She’s decided I need a Belle cake with a dress made of yellow icing and sprinkles and candles. Since I don’t have a Belle pan and don’t plan on free-handing her, I started thinking of other options. I decided that since it’s my last year in my 20’s, I really wanted a cake like I had when I was little. You know the ones...your favorite character shaped pan, covered with thousands of little star tips in different colors to make the designs, and very 80’s. I made up mind on which one I wanted, and called my grandmother (the one that owned the bakery) to ask if she still had her old Rainbow Brite cake pan. I LOVED Rainbow Brite as a kid, and now really really want a Rainbow Brite cake. However I told her that if she didn’t have it, the original Strawberry Shortcake or Care Bears would be ok, too. I should know something today or tomorrow. ;)

But while I was looking for Rainbow Brite cake pans on ebay (and I found one for $11 including shipping), I came across a few other memories from my childhood. I discoved that Jem (who’s outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous!) is a very high priced toy now, and you can buy pretty much anything ever made that had her likeness on it. I also found quite a few Shirt Tales items, and a ton of Get Along Gang stuff. There was also a full set of Rainbow Brite dolls on there for about $40, and if I thought Wee One would appreciate it, I would so buy them. However, she’s only 4. I have a feeling “appreciation of Mommy’s old 80’s toys” isn’t high on her skills list yet!

I’ve now asked Mike to go look for some Rainbow Brite cartoons to download, and am tempted to get old Care Bears and maybe My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake as well. My child already loves the old cartoons of Scooby Doo, Transformers, GI Joe and He-Man (all her daddy’s favorites) so I guess it’s only right that we now introduce her to my childhood heros. I hope she loves them as much as I did!

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Kahla said...

Oh the memories.... love 'em! Chase was watching Care Bears at the sitters one day and loved it! Jeff wasn't impressed, but you know he probably watched them too!