So frustrating.

I decided at Easter when I stepped on the scale that afternoon and it said 183.4 that I was going to do something to change that. I've tried to watch what I eat, keep salad stuff at the house, drink more water and have started jogging 3 mornings a week. I weigh myself and take measurements every Sunday, and last week was so good. I was down to 173.7, and all my measurements were down as well. I had finally started to lose again, and it was so nice.

We went to Louisiana this weekend to see friends, and I screwed it all up. I didn't take my shoes and clothes to run (and at 8 in the morning it was already over 100 degrees outside), and I did nothing but eat all weekend. Went to do my weigh-in this morning, and I'm up over half a pound, and all my measurements are up, too. It wasn't NEARLY this hard to put the weight on, but I'm constantly amazed at how hard and frustrating it is to take it back off. I have 14 lbs to lose to make it to my goal by Disney, and less than 9 weeks to do it. I have a feeling it's not going to happen.

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Kahla said...

You are doing great, don't be so hard on yourself!