Scare of my life

Wee One has been sick since Tuesday, and her fever has spiked as high as 104 but has usually stayed around 102. Today I went to give her the medicine and noticed that she was SOOOO hot. I took her temperature, and it was up to 105.3. I (understandably) freaked out, and called my Momma. She told me to put her in the tub, so I did that and gave her some Motrin. I also called the doctor to let them know how high it got.

Thankfully now it's back down and she's acting fine. I'm to alternate motrin and Tylenol every three hours until the fever breaks, and take her to After Hours if it spikes that high again. I'm very grateful that it's down, but so scared that it's going to happen again. That's definitely the most scared I've ever been.

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