It seems that she hates me now...

Well, today I had to be a mean mommy and call her bluff. It all started last night when I told her she needed to start picking up her toys because it was almost time for bed. She told me, “No. I don’t HAVE to pick up my toys!” to which I responded, “You’re right. You don’t. But if you don’t, I will. And if I do, they get taken away.” She got angry which led to her getting sent to bed early and all of the toys left out - including the new Princess Barbies she got for her birthday and the Barbie car - getting put away and out of reach.

When she woke up this morning she was cranky, and when she discovered her toys were picked up it only got worse. She argued about everything from getting dressed to who’s fault it was that her leggings were inside out (hers. I turned them right for her when I gave them to her.) She also asked me where her toys were (in a VERY snotty voice) and I told her I put them away because she didn’t pick them up last night. She got mad, stomped some, and told me, “I want my toys! Give them to me NOW!” Because of that, she won’t be getting them for a VERY long time, and because of the snotty attitude all morning, she didn’t get to go to school.

Now, for most children this would be awesome. But for some crazy reason, even though she can’t stop throwing tantrums at school, she loves it! The rule since the last round of parent teacher conferences was that if she couldn’t act like a big girl in the mornings before school and get dressed, she went to the babysitters. If she didn’t want to act like a big girl, she wasn’t going to be able to do big girl things. This morning I don’t think she actually thought I would take her to Terry’s, but I did.

She screamed and was angry the entire way there, tried to run back out the door, and then got all pitiful when I refused to take her with me. Terry said she’s been great all day (after she calmed down), so I’m hoping maybe this will make her think twice before throwing a tantrum in the mornings again.

Oh, and when I went to tell her teachers that she wouldn’t be there because of the fit this morning, I found out she punched a little boy in the stomach yesterday. Apparently he told her she was out during a game (which she was) and she didn’t want to hear that.

Why do 5 year olds have to be so impossible?

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Mrs. Pod said...

OMG....YES! I deal with the same thing at my house. I have an American Doll baby put away, a stroller & about a half a dozen barbies stowed. It seems the nasty attitude bug is catching as quickly as the H1N1! Madison has even started the crossing of her arms which I TOTALLY HATE! Grrr...maybe they give group discounts at Siberian Boarding schools...???