Things I'm thankful for...

I recently saw an insurance commercial that talked about how people in our country are realizing that it’s the little things that matter. The commercial said something along the lines of “we know who’s around your tv is more important than how big it is” and “meatloaf and Jenga are more fun that reservations and box seats.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I really believe that. This past year we’ve had to buckle down and watch what we spend, and this Christmas is probably going to be the cheapest one yet. However, I’m excited about it. This year will be full of homemade gifts, nights watching movies and seeing lights, and possibly, waking up at home on Christmas morning. I’ve realized that my daughter has more than she’ll ever play with at the moment, and that at 5 she really doesn’t need a Nintendo DS or and iPod Touch (both things she’s asked for.) It saddens me to think that she’s never spent a full day outside playing with sticks and dirt and building forts, or hours laying in “weeds” and making soup or necklaces or who knows what else, and hasn’t had the chance yet to ride her bike at full speed down a hill and scrape her knees to bits when she loses control.

So this year, one thing I’m thankful for is that I’ve actually realized this. I’ve realized that the things I remember most from childhood, didn’t cost a ton of money, and I want my child to have memories like that, too. I want her to remember that Mike and I spent time *with* her, not just spent money *on* her. And I want her to realize that you can have a wonderful time without spending a fortune.

A few other things that I’m thankful for this season:
  • That my grandfather is home from the hospital and doing well after surgery
  • That my cousin is home from the hospital and also doing well after surgery
  • That I have a job, and that I love it
  • Mike finally got to start his new job after a year and a half of waiting around, and loves it
  • That my daughter is healthy and (seems to be) happy
  • That the tantrums are starting to slow down some
  • That she has 5 grandparents and 6 great-grandparents that love her, along with a multitude of aunts, uncles and cousins, including a brand new one!
  • That I have a great relationship with my grandparents and can call them up at 8:30 in the morning to ask random cooking questions, or they can call me at 11 at night for help with a crossword puzzle.
  • That Christmas lights are starting to pop up everywhere, and Christmas music is playing in all the stores
  • That I get to spend tomorrow seeing family and eating wonderful food
  • That I am truly blessed with wonderful family and friends
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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Kahla said...

Blessed indeed! Love you!