Book 1/25: "The Stand", Stephen King

On one of the boards I visit, they started a book reading challenge for the year. I posted that I was going to try and read 25 books this year. In years past, it would have been way more than that, but because of the craziness of life, and the fact that I can’t re-read any books, I decided to play it safe!

I finished Book 1 last night - Stephen King’s The Stand. Wow. First reaction after finishing it, “It’s just so LONG! (about 1150 pages.)” Second reaction, “Some of it was just SO predictable!” Third reaction, “It was actually pretty good! Kinda like Frank Peretti, but with lots of sex.”

Mike says that the reason I feel like I do about the predictability is because when it came out, it was the only thing like it at the time. Now, however, it has been an influence for so many other writers, and I’ve probably read a ton of books that are a lot like it (and yes, I have.) I told Mike that it was the situations that were predictable, not the specifics. But I still think the book could be almost half as long, and still be a great book.

Overall, even though it wasn’t happy, peppy, all glitter and rainbows, it was a good book. I’m glad he got it for me for Christmas, and I’m glad I didn’t let the length get to me. I would recommend it, but just be warned that it may take awhile and seem to drag in parts. Because of that, I give it 3 books.


Next on the list, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Things I’m thankful for:
1) Books, good or bad, that cause you to get lost
2) Books that have a story that makes you think long after you’ve put the book down
3) Time to read
4) The opportunity to find another book to get lost in
5) Cadence just starting to realize how great reading can be

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robin said...

Wow, 25 books in a year! That's a great goal! I hope you post about all you read...I will read vicariously and pretend I read them too, lol!