Some exciting news!

I knew it had been awhile since I've been on here, and I have a ton of things to share. Some will have to wait, though. However, we have some Really Big News around our house. The sparkly princess has had a great time telling everyone she meets that SHE'S GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!!!

The short version:
I'm due Nov. 11 (right after Cadence's birthday), and they will be almost exactly 6 years apart. I had my first appointment last Wednesday, and we saw a heartbeat (119 bpm), everything looked great, and my doctor said I can officially stop worrying and enjoy it (HA!) Cadence knows, and so far everyone (minus one grandparent) has been thrilled!

The long version:
I'm almost 7 weeks, and I've been to my first appointment and seen a heartbeat. After 4 that ended with no heartbeat before 6 weeks, seeing that little flutter on the screen was unbelievable. Mike wanted to go ahead and tell Cadence (I know, some of you think I'm crazy ;) ), and since the due date is about a week and a half after her birthday, I agreed. We told her last Friday night when she got home, and have let her tell everyone else. I was a little worried about how she'd take it, until my mom told me she spent the week after TX saying things like, "We need a baby like Emery." and "I wish I had a little baby like Emery." and "I really wish my mommy would have a baby like Emery." But, of course, when you see how cute Emery is, how could you blame her?!?!

She has told everyone that we've seen - from the lady at McAlister's when I stopped in to get something to drink, to the people at the dentist office, to the lady that checked us out at Wal-Mart. Everyone at work knows (Cadence made sure of it!) and all of the teachers in the preschool as well. She actually ran down the hall where my office is going "My mommy has a baby in her tummy!!!!" Thankfully, everyone there is excited as well!

She's also come up with names. To start with, it was going to be Marigold if it was a girl, and Brutus if it was a boy. Today she agreed that Brutus might not be the best name for a baby, and has offered up Justin and Bernard as other options. I'm pushing for Bernard since it's my grandfather's name (the one that was recently diagnosed with cancer), and I SWEAR I haven't mentioned that name to her. I think it's a character in one of her Barbie movies as well. She's also decided she likes Isabella (or Bella for short), probably because of Phineas and Ferb. I love the name Isabella, but Twilight has completely turned me off of using (I'm sorry to those of you that love it!) So, the name hunt continues, at least for her.

I'm feeling ok, most of the time. I haven't physically gotten sick yet, which is an improvement since I was SO miserable with Cadence. I also still have my rings on, which is another improvement. The crazy dreams have returned, and bland foods - like peanut butter crackers - make me feel sick, while spicy things - crawfish, anyone?? - are perfectly fine. It makes no sense to me, either. I got back on April 8 for my next appointment, and I should be about 9 weeks at the time.

I'm so excited, and can't believe it's actually happened again. We're basically starting over (we kept nothing but a crib), and it's going to be quite a change going from having one almost totally independent to having a newborn again. But I think we're ready!

Things I'm thankful for:
1) Tiny little heartbeats
2) Very excited big sisters
3) A family that is thrilled for us as well
4) Our life now - we're in a much better place than 6 years ago when Cadence was born
5) A job where everyone is excited and I'm not (too) worried about being let go because of this

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Again, congratulations!