It’s that time of year again...

The time of year when things get super awful crazy! Things are starting to gear back up again at work - my current to-do list has 19 things on it, 11 of which are due by the end of next week - and this is the last full week of summer vacation. Cadence is with GiGi this week for VBS, but next week she has a dentist appointment on Wednesday, meets her teacher on Thursday and starts 1st grade on Friday. Amelia also has surgery for tubes next Friday.

The only upside to things getting crazy is that it means cooler weather is coming, and it’s only 38 days and counting until the official kickoff of college football season! I’m so extremely excited about that, and am ready for football season to start.

Deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths. I CAN make it through the next few weeks of craziness!!

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