Blogs, blogs, and more blogs!

I realized yesterday that I follow some pretty interesting people, and have just added a few more, thanks to one of the boards I visit. I wanted to share with everyone who these awesome people are, because I'm sure they love new visitors just as much as I do!

My cousin, Kahla. This is a blog about her life - her two adorable kids, her journey through IVF that allowed them to be here, and just random stuff that goes on in her life. It also includes lots of pictures of two extremely cute kids! ;)

My cousin Alisa, and her adventures with a 5 year old girly girl, and a new baby on the way (who is due in just a few weeks!)

My cousin, Natalie. She has decided to go on 100 dates in a year, and this is her (often hilarious) journey through them. Fair warning, there is some adult content. But I swear this girl should write a book. Some of these guys are real winners!

My awesome friend Michelle and her life with 4 young girls (the oldest are 7 year old twins.) I don't know how she does it most of the time, but I love hearing about the funny things that her 4 girly girls do.

My friend Laura, and a blog about her life. She has been doing things I only dream about (like, making her own mozzarella cheese, for example), and she makes me insanely jealous at how creative, patient and loving she is!

Definitely one of the funniest sites I check. Since my grandmother owned a bakery, some of the wrecks she showcases hit really close to home!

A wonderful site that's updated once a week with some of the cutest edible creations around! This girl is a genius, and she makes everything look so simple! I've tried a few of the recipes, and her site is where I got the idea for the spice rack.

This is run by a graphic designer who loves the color orange, and is extremely artistic and talented! There are always fun games, cute craft projects, and tons of orange items posted!

I found her story through stumble, here, and after reading it, had to go check out her blog as well. It's a truly inspirational story, and definitely worth the read.

A new one, and one I wish I had found much sooner! The way she writes is hilarious, and I promise you will be entertained!

Another new one, that seems to be sorta like mine - a little mix of everything! Only she writes much better than I do!

And I'm sure I've forgotten quite a few! If anyone knows of others I should add, please let me know. I'm always looking for more to add to my list!

I'm thankful for:
1) A three day weekend
2) Cadence is reading! And enjoying it! And it's not a fight!
3) Sleep. I actually got some last night, and Cadence is doing it right now.
4) Clean sheets.
5) The warm weather. It was in the 60s today and is supposed to be tomorrow, too.


Kahla said...

I could use some clean sheets! I read lots of those same blogs. ;o) Speaking of your spice rack, I was at Micheals spending money I don't have and they had a version there. I have a feeling that is going to get popular, quick!

Laura said...

Aww, thanks for listing me, my dear! I am still seething with jealousy over your sprinkle rack, but you have inspired me to get crafty with magnets -- stay tuned! :)