Good news and bad news...

Bad news first:
  • Cadence didn't sleep any last night, and since she was sick, wanted to be in my bed. That means I didn't sleep any, either.
  • I had to cancel a dentist appointment, miss over half a day of work and spend money at the doctor's office to find out that Cadence most likely had an 8-12 hour stomach bug and is on the mend.
  • I was at work late to make up the time that I missed since I was home taking Cadence to the doctor.
  • I found out that in a meeting this morning, some concerns were brought up about my work performance and productivity. Not something you want said when 2 of your 3 head bosses are new.
  • More stuff has been brought to us at work, and no hope at the moment of any help (goes back to the productivity issues earlier)
  • Mike had to watch Cadence today, and wasn't happy about her having to spend about 4 hours at work with him. Especially since they have no heat, and he had customers.
  • I think I'm starting to get the bug that Cadence had.
Good news:
  • Work actually has water pressure again.
  • Thankfully Cadence isn't seriously ill and will probably be able to go back to school tomorrow.
  • I received my W2 today
  • My first paycheck of the year was a little more than I was expecting (because witholdings weren't as much, not because of a raise.)
  • I got a freelance job that should be fun.
  • Mike watched Cadence so I could stay at work and not get in any more trouble.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

I'm thankful for:
1) A little extra money! Yea!
2) A freelance job that lets me be creative.
3) I know my daughter isn't seriously ill and is on the mend.
4) Tomorrow is Friday, then I'm off for 3 days straight.
5) Long, hot showers. I needed one after today.

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