22 Weeks - We have a Spaghetti Squash!

22 Weeks

At 11 inches (the length of a spaghetti squash) and almost 1 pound, your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. If you could see inside your womb, you'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that covers his body and the deep wrinkles on his skin, which he'll sport until he adds a padding of fat to fill them in. Inside his belly, his pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily.

I’ve decided that this child has stealth ninja skills. Cadence liked for everyone to know where she was at all times, would instantly kick you (HARD!) if you put your hand on my stomach, and loved to move around and poke me. This one moves, but she’s a lot calmer, goes silent if you try to feel her kick, and stays really low in my pelvis most of the time. She’s also mastered the art of karate chops to the bladder that make me have to jump and run to the bathroom. I think she’s a ninja baby.

The baby stuff is coming along. I have to make a trip to TX at some point to pick up some things from my wonderful cousin, and my mother-in-law has already bought some clothes. Most are onesies and sleepers (and almost all pink), so we have some clothes in the drawers now. She also picked up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie, and I can’t wait until she hits 6 month clothes and can wear it.

Cadence and I are taking a class at the church, and it’s on how to make a 9 patch quilt. We’ve decided that it will be from Cadence for the baby, and I’m letting her do as much as possible. Last night she traced and colored the design for the middle, laid out the fabric in the order she wanted, and helped me sew it. I let her control the foot pedal, but she also got to sew some of it completely on her own. The only thing she’s not happy with is that we have to wait until next Wednesday to work on it some more.



The painting of the living room is coming along, we’re working on getting toys situated to make room for baby stuff, and will possibly be getting new furniture this weekend (in exchange for a 6 pack of beer. Only in the South.) Things are just cruising along!

Things I’m thankful for:
1) New wall color
2) Projects with Cadence
3) Movements, even ones to the bladder
4) Free baby gear
5) Tums

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Kahla said...

Girl, you know I'll hook you up w/some cute burp rags... just name the baby Kahla and they are all yours! ;o) Ha! Seriously, I can totally make you some. In fact, if you see some cute material, get it and I'll use it. Otherwise I have a lot too, but just if you saw something you liked. If you bring it, I can make them and mail it to you. I'm working on some that have the soft backing on them too, or will be. That is a goal for next week!