She's definitely a performer!

Yesterday Cadence had her 6 month dental checkup and cleaning. Usually this isn’t a big deal - we go in, they clean her teeth, 20-30 minutes later we’re finished and out the door. They did mention when they took her back that they wanted to get xrays since she had some teeth come in since her last visit, so I was guessing it would be closer to the 30 minute mark than the 20.

I sat back with my phone and tried to get comfy, and could hear her voice through the walls.OVER AN HOUR LATER she finally comes back out, and proclaims that she has been “The sweetest little girl EVER!!!” The hygienist takes me back, because the dentist wants to talk to me, and they let me have a seat. Then, the first thing the hygienist says is “Well, her ballet skills are excellent! And her princess identification is spot on!” Yes. Yes they are. I know this, but how come the hygienist knows this, and feels the need to tell me this first?? She then gave me a run down of the visit (we have 4 loose teeth - including the top two front ones - and one cavity - probably because my daughter decided she didn’t like her toothpaste, didn’t tell me, and has gone who knows how long wetting her toothbrush and not actually brushing her teeth) and told me Dr. Cook would be over shortly.

Then Dr. Cook comes by and tells me that I have quite the talented little lady on my hands, and let me know that they turned on “New York, New York” and let her dance around to it. That suddenly explained why it took over an hour to do a cleaning - she was putting on a Broadway performance! He also mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised to see her on stage one day, and was very impressed with her dancing skills.

I have to schedule an appointment to get the cavity filled, and he made her promise that she would actually BRUSH her teeth from now on, and not try and hide it. She agreed - she got a new Tiana toothbrush and some blue sparkly toothpaste! Brushing is fun again!! - and we left. She is such a total opposite of me. I NEVER would have showed off in the middle of the dentist office, and the thought of doing it now makes me cringe. Cadence, however, is a totally different being, and it’s one of the many reasons I love her.

Things I’m thankful for:
1) Good checkups
2) Our awesome dentist
3) Princess toothbrushes and sparkly toothpaste
4) Rock renditions of “Down by the Bay”
5) Over-active imaginations

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