I wonder if I can keep it up...

I have quite a few friends that blog, and I read a few on a regular basis. I like the *idea* of blogging, but I"m horrible at actually following through with anything. I never made it more than a month or two with a journal or diary, I have a blog started on a messageboard I'm a part of that hasn't been added to in months, and my daughter's baby book is only about half full. I have great intentions, but never seem to follow through. I'm hoping this will be different, but only time will tell.

Today was Valentine's day. Hubby and I don't normally do anything special (maybe a card or candy, but never much), so I didn't figure this year would be any different. However, we got our tax refund in last Friday, plus hubby is getting a bonus this month, so we had more money than we were expecting. Since we had more than we thought (almost $600 more than we thought) we spent it on something completely frivilous. We both got iPods. I have been wanting one SO badly, but never had the extra money to blow. We probably didn't have it now, but man, do I love my iPod! It's bright green, and I've been using it at work since I can't have a radio or anything playing. I love this thing!

Also, hubby came in tonight with flowers for me and wee one. I was so surprised, because we both agreed to not get anything else. It was a very nice surprise, though.

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