Why can't we just get well?

I hate being sick. Actually, I despise being sick. I have The Crud right now, and it’s about to take it’s toll I believe. Wee One has been fighting it for months, and Hubby is just getting over it. I knew it would get me eventually, just because I *always* get sick. Always. It did, and I will be heading home at noon today to try and get some sleep before I have to pick Wee One up at 5. Maybe the sleep will help, especially since I have plans for the night and would really like to keep them.

I ended up with an entire circus in my bed last night, thanks to Wee One. She is fascinated with JoJo’s Circus from Playhouse Disney (and since we don’t have cable that makes it really fun around our house), and carries her JoJo doll with her everywhere. She’s recently acquired the other characters from the show - Skeebo, Croaky and Goliath - so now the entire circus has to go everywhere with her. She woke at 4 this morning and I brought her in bed with me just like always. At first she went down the list of every food she could think of to keep from laying down - I want water, I want milk, I want chocolate milk, I want apple jacks. Then she realized she didn’t have JoJo, so she has to get down, run into her room and find JoJo. She comes back to bed and realizes she doesn’t have Skeebo, so she goes and gets him. Then Croaky. Then Goliath. Then her music bear. Then her green blanket. I swear there’s barely enough room in our bed for me, hubby, Wee One and the cat - definitely not enough for all of us plus the entire circus. She finally settled about 5:45 or so, but since my alarm goes off at 6:30, and I’m fighting The Crud, it’s making for a rough day on little sleep. Thankfully I have an understanding boss and sick time I can use.

Hubby and I are supposed to go out tomorrow night for his birthday. He wants to see Ghost Rider, and since his birthday is Sunday, that's going to be part of his gift. I'm meeting his mom tomorrow to drop Wee One off for the night, then we plan on going to dinner and a movie, then sleeping in REALLY late on Sunday. I miss her terribly when she's gone for the night, but I know she loves her GiGi and PapPaw, and they will take great care of her. Plus it will be nice to spend some time with hubby without having to do all the kid related stuff we have when she's home, and I'm excited to actually eat my meal in peace and without sharing! I hope the movie is good, and that Wee One has fun getting spoiled.

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