New stuff for ME!

I very seldom by myself anything new - not that you would know it by this last week's blog entries! But really, if I have extra money, I usually spend it on hubby or Wee One. Today, however, I went on a shopping spree just for me. I received a check in the mail for one of the side jobs that I just finished, plus I won the big gift at Bunko last night which was $30. So, I told hubby I was spending it on me.

Today Wee One and I set out to find me something to wear tonight with the new red shoes since hubby and I are going out for his birthday. I ended up getting a new pair of jeans, a really pretty black lacy shirt, a brown sweater and two new pairs of shoes. I went about $10 over what I had to spend, but I don't think he'll kill me. I'm wearing the jeans, black shirt and red shoes tonight to dinner, but I almost considered changing what I was wearing when I got the new shoes. Payless is having BOGO right now, and I swear I had to restrain myself. Between all the ones I wanted for me, then all the ones I wanted for Wee One, it's a miracle I made it out of there only $10 over. I ended up getting one pair that I could wear with tshirts and jeans, and one more dressy pair. I just love them. The bottom ones are a pink color, and even though a friend asked "what are you going to wear pink shoes with?" and I didn't have an answer, I don't care. I love them and will find stuff to wear them with! I know that no one at work will notice, and unless I specifically point them out to hubby, he won't either. But there's something about having new stuff, even if it's something small like a pair of shoes, that make everything better.

Hubby and I are going to the movies and out to eat for his birthday tonight. We're supposed to go see Ghost Rider, and hopefully he'll enjoy it. He's had a rough week at work, so I hope tonight makes up for some of it. He just called and is on his way home, and it's been a BAD day. Who knew installing car stereos could cause such headaches?

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