Sickness and shoes

I think I just might keep this updated - for at least a little while. I went to bed last night thinking of things to blog about, and even dreamed about it. Yes, I get a little carried away with things. So sue me. ;)

Seems I now have the same crud that Wee One has had. She’s on a nebulizer every 4-6 hours for her coughing and congestion, and last night I didn’t sleep at all because I’m now coughing. I’m so tired today, and would love to go home and go to bed. However, I would also love to use my vacation days for actual *vacation* time, so as long as I’m not dying or contageous I’ll be at work. Sucks, but since I don’t do any physical labor (I sit at a computer in a darkened room and surf the net most of the day) I don’t want to waste the days if I don’t have to.

I broke down and bought some new shoes this past weekend. I’ve been wanting some red heels - sexy red heels - but couldn’t find any that weren’t $100+. I love shoes, but I also love paying bills, and since I’m broke, bills come first. Anyway, I finally found some that I LOVE.
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And Hubby loves them, too, which is even better. ;) I wore them to work on Monday, and my co-worker told me I “whore it up well” and that all I needed now was a pole. For me to be such a sweet girl and to wear jeans and tshirts most of the time, the red heels were quite a change. I love these shoes.

And it seems Wee One loves them, too. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter.
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