Had the ultrasound today...

And Mike is about to be severely outnumbered! Turns out we have another perfect little girl on the way, and Cadence couldn’t be happier. And because I love it, her pretty profile shot:
(and if you can't see it, head on the left, chest on the right. And that's her cute little chin jutting up.)

Now for the boring stuff. My blood pressure is great (110/75), I’ve gained another pound (6 total), and her heart rate was 128, They said that all of her scans looked great, and she looks strong and healthy! We’ve also discovered that, like her big sister, she HATES ultrasounds and any pressure on my stomach. As soon as there is any pressure at all (me sitting up straight, pants that have a waistband, the ultrasound wand) she starts kicking and moving around. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done it when Cadence is around, so she still hasn’t been able to feel the kicks.

Cadence loved being at the ultrasound today, and actually picked out the profile before I did. She also got to see a great profile shot with her heart beating, and was totally amazed. The baby is still really low, down below my belly button, but weighs about a pound now (give or take.) The measurements gave a due date of 11/11 still, which the nurse was really surprised by. She said it rarely comes out to be exactly the due date at this stage. It was a good appointment, and I guess we get to finish discussing girl names now!

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