So quiet...

This week is Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the church I grew up in, so Cadence is with my mom for the week so she can go. My mom came and picked her up yesterday, and it was so quiet at my house last night.  I was able to sort through a ton of clothes that were in my closet and drawers, and hope to get her closet cleaned out this week as well. Also on our “To Do While We Have No ‘Help’” list are cleaning the porch and front door/shutters (Mike did that today), painting the living room, hanging a new ceiling fan and possibly painting the front door and shutters (since they are now clean.) I know all of it won’t get done, but maybe we’ll get enough finished that it will be easier to do once she’s back home.

And I’m glad it’s quiet now, because at the end of last week, things were definitely anything but! Thursday was our anniversary, and Thursday night Cadence started throwing up. She went from 8:30 to about 11:45, and I spent that time either holding her hair while she threw up, or giving her a shower because she didn’t make it to the toilet and got it in her hair. All I could think as I was giving her a shower at 11:45 at night was “You might sleep with puke in your hair when you’re 20, but it’s not happening at 5!” She finally went to sleep, but Mike tossed and turned all night, then was up at 6am Friday morning doing the same thing. He insisted on going in to work anyway (and threw up again at the gas station - said he felt like a college frat boy), so I stayed home with Cadence. We ended up taking him toast for lunch (it’s all he wanted to eat), and I had to buy her medicine because she still felt crummy most of the day.

By Friday night they were both starting to feel better, but I felt like crud. We had chicken noodle soup for dinner, and thankfully it never hit me. Saturday saw us all on the mend, and by yesterday you couldn’t tell anything was wrong. I’m hoping Cadence doesn’t relapse this week while she’s with my mom, and I’m very thankful that it seemed to be a very fast bug.

Things I’m thankful for:
1) We’re all well
2) Things getting done around my house
3) Watermelon
4) Baby movements
5) VBS

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