No Karate Kid II for you!

One story that Mike loves telling comes from 1986, when he was about 7 years old. He HATED losing his teeth (not sure if it was the pain, the blood, or the torture, but it was, well, like pulling teeth to pull his teeth), and he had a tooth that had to come out. He says that his mom told him that if he would let them pull the tooth, she would take him and his friend Jason to see Karate Kid II. Being a 7 year old boy, this was a big deal! I have a feeling it would be like telling Cadence we'd buy her The Princess and the Frog. But if he didn't let her pull that tooth, he would have to stay home while she and Jason went.

Well, Mike being Mike, he refused. And he says that his mom took Jason to the movies and left him sitting at the house. Poor thing got no movie, no Tooth Fairy money, and was stuck with the torture of having to go to the dentist to get the tooth pulled on top of that. He's still traumatized over it almost 24 years later, and I'm not sure he ever really forgave his mom.

Fast forward to 2010. Cadence has a tooth that is SO close to coming out, and last night I noticed that there's another tooth coming in behind it. I called the dentist today, and they said that if we couldn't get it out tonight, I needed to bring her in tomorrow to have it pulled. We have tried everything we could think of - more money from the Tooth Fairy (I have a $5 bill in my purse I'm more than happy to donate!), telling her the dentist would hurt worse if he had to pull it (probably not the best idea, but I was desperate), candy, and even going to get ice cream at 10 pm. Nothing could convince her to let us get that tooth out. She tried to get it out herself with paper towels, and even safety scissors, but to no avail. The tooth is still there. She's spent most of the night crying, and was devastated when she realized that 1) the Tooth Fairy isn't coming tonight, and 2) she also wouldn't get any ice cream tonight. It was sad and pitiful and it's not looking well for loose teeth in the future.

And all Mike kept saying through the whole thing was, "No Karate Kid II for you!"

Things I'm thankful for:
1) A husband with a sense of humor. Even if it is at the expense of his firstborn.
2) Dental insurance
3) A new season of LOST
4) Leftovers for dinner
5) The chocolate cake and 3 surveys from McAlister's today

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robin said...

Aawww! Poor thing! I used to remember loving having loose teeth because I'd wiggle them all the time until they came out. I hope the dentist visit goes smoothly! Fortunately, I haven't come across that yet with my younger kiddos...(knock on wood!)