Operation: Princess Bathroom is now underway!

We decided that with some of our tax refund money, we'd update/fix/redecorate a few things around the house. One of those things is our hall bathroom, which until tonight had black walls, blue and silver accents, and this cool white shower curtain with blue/silver/black squares on it. It was very nice, and I loved it. However, I never use that bathroom, and Cadence was tired of it looking like a grownup bathroom and not one she liked. We figured since that was the bathroom she was using all the time, we would let her have a say in the decorating (with Mommy making the final decision.)

We went shopping yesterday and today, and have come home with the following:

  • A pretty light pink and lavender shower curtain with a castle on it. It also has pretty pink gems at the top. It was the one I wanted to run screaming from, but Daddy knew she wanted it, and it was on sale, so home with us it came.
  • Two bubble gum pink bath mats (and boy, are they pink!)
  • Two 11x14 canvases, two 8x10 canvases and three 5x5 square canvases for her to paint. They are to decorate the walls with. I'm not sure yet what will be on them, but right now the four larger ones will probably be princesses. I might try and get her to go with crowns or something for the square ones. We'll see.
  • A gallon of primer to cover the black currently on the walls
  • A gallon of light lavender to repaint the walls
We started with the primer tonight (Cadence even helped), and wow, does the room look different already! Mike and I are going to try and get the lavender on the walls tomorrow, and I might set her up with some paints to work on the canvases while we do that. Our goal is to have it finished by the weekend. I promise to post pictures as soon as it's finished!

Things I'm thankful for:
1) Tax refund money
2) A husband who doesn't mind a "honey do" list 10 miles long
3) My grandfather is HOME!
4) Snow!
5) My new, warm, cozy sheets and comforter

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robin said...

Can't wait for the pics! I let my teen daughter do that to her (the second) bathroom a couple years ago. It's mostly white with pink, pink, pink decorations (curtain, mat, towels.)

Glad you also got some new bedding...I bet it's comfy (great for the winter months!)