Cadence is One Toothless, Smart Cookie!

THE TOOTH CAME OUT!!!! She is now, officially, a big girl, and has lost her first tooth! Thursday night the poor thing was just hanging, and I knew all it would take was one pull and it would pop out. However, she wouldn't let anyone within 10 feet of her mouth. Finally, around 9:00 that night, Mike told me to come with him and he grabbed his belt. She was already in bed, so he walked in and said, "You are going to sit right there and let your Momma pull that tooth, and if you so much as FLINCH, you're going to get a spanking with a belt." (knowing good and well that he wouldn't spank her over something like this, but just the site of the belt worked.) She laid on the bed and opened her mouth, and actually let me get the dental floss wrapped around it. As I went to tighten it up, she flinched and jerked her head back, and the tooth popped out.

She was so shocked that it actually happened, and even said, "Hey! That didn't hurt at all!" She then got REALLY excited, and kept asking if the Tooth Fairy had come yet. I think she was more excited about her than Santa! The Tooth Fairy (or Greta as a friend's family calls her), came that night and brought her $5 (because Greta knew that Momma didn't want to pay a dentist to pull that tooth), and Cadence now thinks she's hot stuff with her toothless grin!



Also, in even bigger news, she got the Cookie Reward yesterday! I don't know if you remember the last issues we had with the Cookie Reward, but we really didn't think she was going to get it at all before. She had been having a really rough time at school, and it was down to her and the kid that doesn't speak any English to get it. She did finally get it, but it was a nightmare. So yesterday, when she came running down the hall with the Cookie Reward around her neck, I think I was jumping up and down and more excited than she was!! This time she got it without any bribing or arguing or us having to remind her the entire week to be good. This time she got it just because she was One Smart Cookie! And I couldn't be more proud of her!

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JAMR72 said...

That's awesome! Wow, lost a tooth already. What a big week for Cadence having lost a tooth and getting the cookie reward! Yeah!!!!