An update!

My mom just called and said the oncologist has been in to see them. They seem to think right now that it is very small and very localized, and if he's a candidate for surgery, they should be able to go in and remove it and not have to use chemo or radiation.

I cannot even voice how relieved I am at this news. Of course, there are a few things that we're still praying for that could not make him eligible for surgery. He has a lung scan and a few other tests scheduled for tomorrow, and they said that they'll have to make sure all of that is clear and that he's strong enough/healthy enough for surgery. Also, there is a lymph node close to the pancreas, and they are going to have to check it for signs of cancer as well. If it's irritated, that's fine. But if it's infected, then the surgery is out and he'll have to have chemo/radiation. They are also waiting on final biopsy results to come in, and a few other test results. But overall, he looks good, and if everything is clear tomorrow, he should be able to proceed with surgery.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, because they are working. I'll post more updates when I get them.

Things I'm thankful for:
1) Wonderful doctors
2) A good update
3) A wonderful possible solution
4) My family
5) My co-workers (the outpouring of support is unbelievable)

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Kahla said...

Sarah had called earlier and told me, glad the news is good so far... keep us posted. Love ya and sending lots of prayers!