Appointments, and a full week!

My 13 week appointment was Thursday, and it went well and was uneventful! My blood pressure was good, I've lost a pound, I'm off the progesterone, and the baby's heartbeat was 148. I asked her about the pain in my abdomen (more of a muscle thing than cramps) and she said it's because my broad ligament is stretching, and it's completely normal.

I go back at 17 weeks, at which time they'll do the spina bifida/down syndrome blood test, and everything they did today. After that, it's 21 weeks and an ultrasound. I still don't want to know, but Mike is just as adamant that he does want to. I hope I can get him to change his mind in the next 8 weeks, because my nurse said that if the couple doesn't want to know, she does her best to not find out as well. Also, the doctor that is delivering the baby loves it when they don't know, and really makes a big deal out of it (even though he's crazy and makes a big deal out of everything! That's why I love him.)

Cadence will have a pretty busy next few days. Mother's Day is tomorrow, and we're going home to see all our Mommas and Grand Mommas. Then on Monday she has Kindergarten graduation. I'm sure I'm going to cry my eyes out, and will be taking tons of videos and pictures. Then on Tuesday she has her end of year party at Pump It Up, then a doctor's appointment right after to get the rest of the shots she needs for school. I'm going to take the entire day off, and promised her I would take her to Maggie Moo's after the shots to get ice cream cupcakes (with a heart made out of pink, shimmery sprinkles!) 

We also bought her a graduation present today - a brand new, big girl bike. It's an 18 inch one, which is on the verge of being too big, but with the handlebar and seat down, she's ok. She was almost too tall for a 16 inch bike (girl has crazy long legs already), so we decided this was probably a better bet and would last longer. We're taking it with us tomorrow, and plan on starting to teach her while we're out in the country and not surrounded by traffic. This should be interesting!

Things I'm thankful for:
1) My big girl
2) New, Big Girl bikes
3) Getting to spend Mother's Day with my mom
4) Great doctor visits
5) Ice Cream Cupcakes (with sprinkles in the shape of a heart!)

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