Conversations about The Baby

Cadence talks about The Baby a lot. Like, as in, multiple times a day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Our conversations are usually pretty benign - names, how the baby will treat her, what she’ll do to help with the baby, where will the baby sleep, etc. - but up until this weekend, we’ve only had one conversation that was uncomfortable and/or deep.

The first was shortly after we told her I was pregnant, and she was talking about helping give the baby bottles. That isn’t a big deal, except I nursed her, and plan on nursing this one as well. I figured that was as a good a time as any to talk to her about breastfeeding, and told her that most of the time, the baby wouldn’t use a bottle, but she could definitely help me in other ways, and help feed it when it was old enough to eat baby food. She asked how it would eat, and I asked her if she had ever seen puppies or kittens drinking milk from their mommies (“Just like the dog in Alice In Wonderland!” she told me) and said that Mommies were super awesome and could feed their babies the same way. She was slightly shocked when she found out where the milk came from, but got over it MUCH faster than I expected - actually, much faster than most of my family when they found out I was going to nurse Cadence. I’m sure this topic will come up again when she actually sees me nursing (and because she’s fascinated with “booms” and talks about them a lot), but for now it hasn’t been an issue.

This weekend, the second conversation came up. She asked me out of the blue, “Momma, what if the baby doesn’t come out tan like us?” My first thought was, “Then something happened I don’t know about, and your Daddy is going to be PISSED!,” but I told her that since Daddy and I were both tan, then the baby would be as well. She then amazed me with how much she had been thinking about this, because she said, “But Alfie’s parents are tan, and he is brown” then stared at me with an “explain that one!” look. I then (as simply as I could) explained that she’s right, but Alfie was adopted from Africa, and wasn’t ever in his (current) Mommy’s tummy. But, since she and the baby were/are in my tummy, and Daddy and I are both tan, they are tan as well. She thought about it a second, then said, “Oh, OK!” and went off playing. It amazes me how much she thinks about this stuff, and how much she notices about the world around her. I’m now waiting on “How did the baby actually GET in your tummy??” to surface. This should be fun.

And here I am at 14 Weeks. Not much different than the last picture, but for those that know me, I’m definitely starting to show.


Things I’m thankful for:
1) My inquisitive daughter
2) Honest questions, even if they do catch me off guard or are hard to answer
3) That she’s excited about The Baby
4) Over 14 weeks and I still haven’t been sick
5) I haven’t gained weight all over this time

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