Why are girls so mean?

Cadence got in trouble at the babysitter’s on Tuesday and Wednesday for being mean. There are two sisters there right now, S and P, but S hasn’t been there in awhile because she started school this last year. Cadence loves both of them, but tends to play with S more, and joins in when S starts picking on her sister (who is the same age as Cadence.) Tuesday she got in trouble for being mean to P, and for telling her she wouldn’t play with her, only S. She then got in trouble when she got home for the same thing, and we had this long talk about being polite, playing with everyone, yadda yadda yadda. Wednesday was a little better, but she was still snotty to P (but not to S). After another talk when we got home, she decided to draw S and P both pictures to take to them the next day.

She drew them BFF pictures (complete with flowers and hearts and all kinds of girly things), and I noticed yesterday when I picked her up that she still had both the pictures with her. This morning she informed me (with her head down and in that pitiful voice she gets) that both of them told her that they didn’t want their pictures and were going to give them to someone else instead. Since they didn’t want them, she decided to keep them for herself.

Now, I know my daughter hasn’t been great with one of the two girls, and we are dealing with that. But when I heard they didn’t want the pictures she drew, the Momma in me came out in full force. I wanted to march to the babysitters and snatch both of those little girls up by their little blonde ponytails! I didn’t (obviously), but I did tell Cadence that I’m not sure why they didn’t want them because she did great on them, but maybe she could give one to the girl next door next time she sees her. She was happy with that idea, and walked in this morning like nothing was wrong.

I know that girls do this, and we’re going to be dealing with this kind of stuff for the rest of her life. But why does it have to start this early? And I know that there will be times that Cadence is the one that some Momma wants to snatch up, and I just pray I find out what happend so I can snatch her up first. I also now understand why my mom has spent the last year (my sister’s senior year of high school) being furious. You can mess with me, but don’t mess with my kid and hurt her feelings!!

Things like this are making me hope this next one is a boy. Boy drama isn’t quite this bad, right??

Things I’m thankful for:
1) My creative daughter
2) My day is about to end!
3) Long holiday weekends
4) Lunch with Mike
5) It’s not storming (yet!)


Kahla said...

Oh, there's boy drama, but it's different. It's rough and tumbly drama. ;o) I still say boy for this one.

Myrannda said...

I would take fights over this stuff any day! And we should know by the first of July for sure!

Anonymous said...

We have a 10 month old girl, and she's so sweet right now - I don't know what I dread more... the person that hurts her feelings or the first time she's mean to another girl. It makes me so sad!!