Graduation and First Kisses

Cadence had her Kindergarten Graduation on Monday, and she looked so grown up! I spent all day crying, and I’m so glad Mike had the video camera instead of me. Here’s a few of my favorite shots of the day, and I”m honestly surprised I look as good as I do after the crying fest!



With Mrs. Walker, her math and homeroom teacher

With Mrs. Grace, who I wish could go be her teacher next year as well

And a bonus picture of her on her new big girl bike that she got for graduation!

On Tuesday they had their end of year party at Pump It Up, and of course, Ethan *sigh* was there. She went down the slide with him a few times, and seemed to have a great time. When it came time to leave, she wanted a picture with him, but was too embarrassed to ask, so she made me do it. He agreed, and the picture is just priceless. She is laying all over him, and completely infatuated! After that we left, and she went to give him a hug by. When she did, he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Now, those of you that know Cadence knows that it takes A LOT to embarrass her, but that kiss made her turn about 10 shades of red! She was totally speechless and stood there with her mouth hanging open. All I could do was laugh at her. She’s talked about it for days, and I think is still slightly in shock. I think it was a good end to the year.

Things I’m thankful for:
1) Innocent kisses
2) Knowing that yes, my daughter CAN be embarrassed!
3) Graduations
4) New Bikes
5) My big girl

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